DGIWG Geodetic Codes and Parameters Registry


About the DGIWG Geodetic Codes and Parameters Registry

The DGIWG Register of Geodetic Codes and Parameters (also know and the DGIWG Geodetic Register) is built upon the information that was previously contained in DIGEST 2.1 ( Part 3 Section 6) and in the DIGEST Support Document 1 - Geodesy Background Notes. The information is organized as a formal register in compliance with the ISO standard for registers of geographic information ISO 19135. This register begins with the information from DIGEST edition 2.0 (1997). Elements that were modified in DIGEST 2.1 (2000) are marked appropriately in accordance with the register maintenance procedures identified in ISO 19135. The register does not trace back before DIGEST 2.0 because a complete record is not available. However some notes are included to identify significant changes from DIGEST 1.2 (1993).

The DGIWG Geodetic Register is logically a sub-register of an overall metadata register. It consists of six sub-registers. Elements for these sub-registers can be used to populate metadata fields to identify the components of a CRS in source and lineage metadata.

The Geodetic Codes and Parameters Registry is accompanied by a Technical Specification that describes the contents and management procedures for the register. This document is the "DGIWG Geodetic Codes Register Technical Specification".