Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Business Goals and Objectives

DGIWG´s goal is to ensure that member nations who support a digitised battlespace geospatial environment are able to:

  • Generate and/or acquire the geospatial data and services required by defence users according to internationally endorsed standards that will allow data exchange to be accomplished between national production agencies.
  • Provide geospatial data and services on-line from national agency libraries/databases to national and international users, making use of the operational networks which will be deployed, taking into account national release conditions and security regulations.
  • Enhance interoperability between operational users of geospatial data and services by the development of standards that can be applied directly by user communities.

DGIWG’s primary objective is to ensure these standards are established for use within NATO, being taken forward as STANAGs where appropriate. Issues relating to the wider membership of DGIWG will also be considered, with standards being developed within the widest possible international geospatial community to ensure maximum interoperability is achieved and to make effective use of resources. DGIWG develops standards and services in alignment with commercial, and public domain standards as far as possible in order to lower the cost of military geospatial systems, and to increase the ability for military organizations to be able to make use of civilian data, especially for those scenarios where civilian data may be the dominant source of data.