Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Composition and Membership

Composition and Membership Rules

The composition of DGIWG is based on a Memorandum of Understanding between nations. Nations that are signatories of the MOU are members of DGIWG. Other nations may be accepted as observers at the discretion of the DGIWG plenary. There are two categories of membership, Participating and Associate, as defined by the MOU. The responsibilities for each category of membership and the membership control rules are described in the DGIWG Terms of Reference. The DGIWG committee structure will evolve as necessary to achieve its overall DGIWG objectives.

DGIWG has a special close relationship with NATO in that it responds to geographic requirements identified by the NATO Geographic Conference and NATO member nations. It normally processes the output of its standardization work through the NATO standardization process (the STANAG process); however, because DGIWG is not a NATO body, it has increased flexibility to rapidly respond to requirements for coalition geospatial interoperability. DGIWG also has relationships with other coalitions in which its member nations participate. Close liaison will be maintained with these organizations. The Chief Geographic Officer SHAPE or his designated representative is invited to attend DGIWG meetings for liaison. Additional liaisons may be established as appropriate.

Policy and Technical Strategy Group

The Policy & Technical Strategy Group (PTSG) has a limited membership, appointed by the Director of DGIWG, and based on criteria such as the level of activity in DGIWG and background in the committee.

Data Structures Technical Panel, Services & Interfaces Technical Panel, and Data Access Technical Panel

Data Structures Technical Panel, Services & Interfaces Technical Panel, and Data Access Technical Panel. The membership of these panels will be drawn from the DGIWG participating members, including participants representing member nations and liaison organizations.

Requirements and Outreach Group

Requirements and Outreach Group. The membership of the Requirements and Outreach Group will be drawn from the DGIWG participating members under the direction of the Director of DGIWG. Membership requires a broad knowledge of the environment in which geospatial information is used.