Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Method of Work

DGIWG Method of Work

DGIWG works as a consensus standardization body to develop standards and specifications to enable geospatial interoperability. The DGIWG Plenary acts as a committee of the whole within the DGIWG conference to a) review requirements, b) propose and approve new work item proposals (NWIP) for the development of standards or technical specifications, and c) approve the results of technical work done by Technical Panels reporting to the DGIWG conference. Documents and permanent lists of information are maintained by the appropriate Technical Panels. As stated in the DGIWG Terms of Reference, the major tasks are listed below:

  • Ensure that the vision, mission and objectives are achieved.
  • Create, task and disband subordinate bodies and approve their terms of reference (ToRs).
  • Endorse new work items proposed by member nations or subordinate bodies.
  • Ensure that DGIWG work is prioritized and adequately resourced by member nations.
  • Promote DGIWG work in and liaise with other international bodies.
  • Maintain the DGIWG ToRs.
  • Encourage member nations to present national technical issues and develop solutions.
  • Identify emerging technological trends and issues.
  • Define and maintain the Technical Vision and Development Strategy.