Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Mission and Vision

Organizational Mission Statement

DGIWG is the multi-national body responsible to the defence organizations of member nations for coordinated advice and policy recommendations on geospatial standardization issues. It will meet coalition interoperability challenges by creating the standards and procedures required to enable the provision, exchange and use of standardized geospatial information.

Customer Needs

Future deployment of military forces will increasingly involve multinational forces. DGIWG nations must be prepared to respond at short notice with geospatial intelligence to support joint operations globally. Although many nations have developed sophisticated geospatial and intelligence information systems for their own use, coalition operations are at a disadvantage unless these systems interoperate. The DGIWG member nations have a need to determine the geospatial data that is relevant to a coalition operation, exchange these data and support common data services, while at the same time maintaining security both at the coalition and national levels.

Business Vision

Significantly increase the levels of geospatial interoperability of all member nations so that new demands for geospatial intelligence in coalition operations are fulfilled.

Critical Business Issues

  • Guiding enterprise architecture to provide an overall plan and rationalization of all DGIWG geospatial support activities
  • An effective operating structure
  • Sufficient resources to undertake important activities
  • Identification of requirements for standards
  • Efficient and timely development of standards
  • Collaboration with NATO and other coalition standards bodies
  • Liaison with international geospatial standards bodies and commercial consortia that set industrial specifications

Critical Success Factors

  • Clear understanding of the military operational requirements for geospatial support
  • Effective communication to clients of the impact of DGIWG activities on geospatial interoperability
  • Committed member nation resources to DGIWG activities
  • Operational transition of coalition geospatial capabilities