Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Operational Scenarios

Operational scenarios are useful to support many DGIWG activities. They provide a means of describing operational requirements for geospatial intelligence in the language of the end user, thereby providing a bridge to DGIWG gap analysis of geospatial interoperability and identification of areas where standards need to be developed. Scenarios are a useful way for DGIWG members to gain a better understanding of standards issues by re-casting technically complex standards descriptions into a military operational context. They can be used as a basis for member nations to compare and contrast their own approaches of providing geospatial support to operations. Scenarios provide a means of testing, validation and demonstration of new geospatial capabilities that are enabled as a direct result of DGIWG standardization activities. These tests and demonstrations reach back out to end users through the operational scenarios they readily understand.

Eight operational scenarios, each requiring various types of geospatial support, serve as a guide for DGIWG client interaction and project management.