Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Organizational Structure


DGIWG convenes in Plenary session annually, (hosted by Participants on a rotational basis), to discuss and resolve policy issues, address existing and future needs and requirements, plan and approve a program of work, and address resource gaps and shortfalls. The Plenary is chaired by the Director (D-DGIWG) and consists of Secretary (S-DGIWG), Technical Group Chair- (C-TG-), Outreach Coordinator (OC), Requirements Group Chair (C-RG), Technical Panel Chairs (C-TPs) and the National Representatives (NR-DGIWG) of the Participants. The Plenary may consist of Associates as invited by the D-DGIWG. The Plenary is empowered to:

  • Review strategic policy and provide guidance and direction;
  • address, review and discuss issues received regarding requirements adjudication;
  • address issues received regarding the active program of work and specific project(s);
  • receive input from Participants on specific program topic areas, and address accordingly;
  • review existing cooperative agreements and consider collaborative work opportunities with Associates;
  • address resource shortfalls and gaps with respect to program adjudication; and
  • approve resolutions related to the technical, policy, planning or other initiatives of DGIWG.