Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Organizational Structure

Policy and Technical Strategy Group (PTSG)

The PTSG provides advice to the D-DGIWG, and the DGIWG Plenary on items such as interoperability shortfalls and gaps, risk mitigation, and emerging technologies. The group also has oversight of requirements and the subsequent program of work, and community outreach. The PTSG consists of the D-DGIWG, S-DGIWG, C-TG-, C-RG, OC, and the C-TPs.

The Requirements Group (RG) is a subgroup operating within the PTSG, which addresses and validates all requirements which drive the program of work. The core membership is comprised of the following members: C-RG, S-DGIWG, C-TG, OC, and the C-TPs.

The PTSG has the responsibility to ensure that the strategic policy of DGIWG is in line with the identified goals and priorities by:

  • Reviewing requirements and accepting the tentative program plan for development to include deliverables and associated milestone schedules;
  • agreeing on the level of resources and expertise needed to undertake designated activities;
  • citing critical shortfalls in resources and expertise in relation to specific tasks;
  • estimating impacts on the effectiveness of standardization or any failures to achieve targets in specific work areas;
  • evaluating and adjusting priorities of work;
  • fostering burden sharing amongst Participants;
  • developing and implementing a business architecture to support target levels of interoperability;
  • preparing and maintaining documentation required for business continuity (e.g. Strategic Policy Guidance, Directives, Program of Work);
  • facilitating internal information exchange via a collaboration environment.