Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Knowledge Base

DGIWG has a large amount of information and knowledge resources that has been organized into a Knowledge Base to provide the foundation and source of information and knowledge for key DGIWG activities in outreach to its user community.

The Knowledge Base is a set of files organized in a file structure based on the DGIWG Architecture Framework. Each file contains a manageable chunk of information or “information object”.

File formats can consist of:

  • MS Word files
  • MS PowerPoint files
  • MS Access files
  • HTML files
  • Text files
  • PDF, JPG and TIFF files
  • Model files such Rose .mdl

Depending on user access privileges, these files can be accessed, viewed, and downloaded.

To serve as a guide to the Knowledge Base, a Knowledge Base Metadata Catalogue is available to search and browse information about Knowledge Base content and to link to this content.

The content of the Knowledge Base originates from a wide variety of sources: internal DGIWG work, member nations, and external bodies. The sources and copyrights of Knowledge Base material are indicated in the Metadata Catalogue. See also the general statement about copyrights for this Web site. Only publicly available material and DGIWG owned material is made available for public access. Material within the member only portion of the Knowledge Base may be covered by MoUs and other agreements.

Comments about the Knowledge Base and material for contribution can made to

This page provides access to the public documents that exist in the DGIWG Knowledge Base. Access to the member-only documents in the Knowledge Base is only possible through the DGIWG Portal.