Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Product Specifications

Product specifications are developed by nations under multi-lateral co-production agreements based on DGIWG standards. DGIWG itself does not develop any product specifications, but rather defines the format for describing product specifications and provides the information components out of which these products specifications are compiled.

Product Specifications of the current suite of DGIWG standards have been defined by NATO and by the Multinational Geospatial Co-Production (MGCP) organization.

The NATO specifications are

DIGEST Based Product Specifications

In the past, product specifications have been based on the  DIGEST standard. These specifications are made available so that users may interpret legacy data sets developed in accordance with one of these specifications.

Title PDF Word
DNC - Digital Nautical Chart
VMap 0 - Vector Map Level 0  
ADRG - ARC Digitzed Raster graphic  
USRP - UTM Digitzed Raster graphic  
ASRP - ARC - Standard Raster Products  
CADRG - Compressed ADRG