Defence Geospatial Information Working Group

Service Interface Specifications

DGIWG reviews existing international specifications, in particular those from ISO and OGC, and determines their suitability for use by the military community. Usually, there are three courses of action:

  • Endorse the specification as-is, meaning that the specification can be implemented without profiling. DGIWG may choose to create additional documentation that will guide implementation of the specification.
  • Profile the specification, meaning that the specification is not suitable as-is for implementation and requires profiling to a level where it can be implemented. This situation occurs when a) the specification needs to be varied or extended to meet the unique requirements of the military community, b) the specification is too abstract and needs to be made more concrete so that implementations are consistent, or c) the specification has ambiguities that need to be corrected so that there is a common understanding across the community.
  • Create a new specification because no existing specification is available.

At this time, there are two service interface specifications available through DGIWG:

  • Request For Information (RFI) Service Draft Standard. A Request for Information (RFI) is a fundamental service offered by military intelligence agencies to provide timely and relevant information to commanders and warfighters in response to their unique information requirements that often cannot be readily fulfilled from local sources of information. The objective of the RFI Service specification is to define the interfaces between RFI systems so that RFIs can be exchanged and processed between agencies in a military coalition environment. This specification applies to all types of information requests and is not specific to geospatial information requests.
  • DGIWG Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) Profile Draft Standard. This profile provides the service interface specification that catalogue systems can implement thereby enabling a federation of systems to exchange information (metadata) about geospatial resources (dataset, applications and services) . Based on the OGC CSW specification, the DGIWG profile is more concrete, eliminating ambiguities, provides traceability to operational requirements and detailed guidance for implementation. The document exists in two parts: