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  DGIWG is preparing to retire the DIGEST standard and is working to develop a suite of more flexible geographic information standards for military applications based on the suite of ISO/TC 211 19100 series standards. Although DIGEST remains a valid standard, part 4 (FACC) has been sunsetted by DGIWG. Sunset standards are those that have been identified and approved for retirement. Usually a pre-defined event and date are associated with the eventual retirement of the standard. In addition, a replacement standard is frequently identified. For FACC the DGIWG Feature Data Dictionary (DFDD) is the replacement standard. Backward compatibility is supported since the final version of FACC was the basis for the initial contents of the DFDD register. Feature catalogues based on the DFDD will also be registered to facilitate interoperability between data products based on the DFDD.

Users of FACC are advised to use the DFDD in lieu of FACC for future implementations. Additional questions and answers regarding the retirement of FACC, the DFDD, and contact information are located within the DGIWG Feature and Attribute Registry.


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