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Download DIGEST Edition 2.1 - September 2000
DIGEST Parts (1-4) contains the Table of Contents for each section (e.g. Part1_TOC) in PDF format. To use this feature, the entire section must be unzipped and all files stored in a common directory. Click the link in the Table of Contents to view a desired section.
DIGEST 2.1 Part 1
DIGEST 2.1 Part 2
DIGEST 2.1 Part 3
DIGEST 2.1 Part 4
Download DIGEST 2.1 FACC Database
NOTES:  This database is a replacement file to update the DIGEST 2.0 version. If you have downloaded this file prior to January 3, 2001, please download this version as a replacement.

The FACC database is in Microsoft Access 97 format. You must have this software installed in order to access the database.

To install the database manager:

1. Click on the link below and download the ZIP file to C:\Access.
2. In your local directory C:\Access (users must use this path), doubleclick on the file and extract the contained files to the same directory.
3. To execute the database, doubleclick on the extracted FACC_2.1.mdb file.

The database contains the content of DIGEST Version 2.1 Part 4 FACC along with the routines to allow you to browse and to print the data. In addition, the database has a hyperlink to the introduction to DIGEST Part 4 which requires either Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or Acrobat Reader 3.0 to be installed on your machine.

DIGEST 2.1 Part 4 FACC Microsoft Access 97 Database (
Submitting a FACC Proposal
To submit a FACC proposal, please contact your National Point of Contact Representative listed on the "National POCs" page.

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